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FAQ – Is there anything that Evesham Transport doesn’t deliver?

toxic waste - what we don't carry

One of the most commonly asked questions the team at Evesham Transport are asked is whether there are any items that we wouldn’t transport. Our answer? Yes – there are a number of items, that for various reasons, we don’t transport. In today’s blog post we’ll be confirming what they are and why we don’t carry them.

5 types of goods we don’t transport

Hazardous materials

Hazardous materials, also known as hazardous goods or dangerous goods, encompass substances that pose a risk to health, safety, property, or the environment during transportation. These materials may include flammable liquids, corrosive chemicals, explosives, and radioactive substances. We don’t transport hazardous materials like these due to the potential for accidents, spills, and contamination during transit. These types of materials require specialised handling, packaging, and transportation methods to ensure the safety of both the delivery personnel and the general public – and we would recommend you use a more specialist company if you intend to transport such items.

Guns or explosives

Firearms, ammunition, and explosives are further items that delivery companies don’t transport. The primary reason for this restriction is the inherent risk these items pose to individuals and the community at large. Guns and explosives can be misused for criminal activities or acts of violence. Additionally, the varying legal regulations regarding the ownership, sale, and transportation of such items are a further challenge and a further reason why we don’t offer this service.

Livestock or wildlife

The transportation of live animals, including livestock and wildlife, presents numerous logistical challenges. Delivery companies typically do not handle the transportation of these animals due to concerns about their well-being and the potential for injury or harm to the animals during transit. Livestock and wildlife require specific care, appropriate conditions, and adherence to animal welfare standards that may not be feasible within the scope of a typical delivery operation. Add to this a touch of arachnophobia within the team and you’ll understand why we do not deliver livestock or wildlife!

Illegal substances

Delivery companies are prohibited from transporting illegal substances, which can include controlled substances, narcotics, and illicit drugs. Transporting such items not only violates legal regulations but also raises significant ethical and safety concerns. Involvement in the transportation of illegal substances could lead to legal repercussions for the delivery company and its employees. Moreover, facilitating the movement of illegal substances contributes to criminal activities which is something we really don’t want to get involved with!

Perishable goods

While delivery companies do transport perishable goods, there are restrictions on specific types of perishable items that require proper packaging and timely delivery. Perishable goods like food items that are highly sensitive to temperature and time constraints can spoil quickly if not handled correctly. Whilst we can transport perishable goods, these need to be properly packed for the journey, not require refrigeration or freezing in transport and must have at least 3 days on the sell by date to be accepted for transportation.

Have an item over 50kg that requires transportation? – items of this size require a minimum of a 2 man team to transport so would require more notice to be arranged.

Final thoughts

We hope this list isn’t too exhaustive, but it’s important to remember that whilst there are some items we cannot carry, there are many more that we can. At Evesham Transport, safety is paramount when considering taking on a delivery and we will carefully consider any and all risks associated with the delivery. Our motto is that we will treat your items as if they are our own and if we feel like we aren’t the right fit for your delivery, we will be open and honest with you.

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