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Meet the Fleet

ETL van fleet

Have you seen our fleet of vehicles? We have 4 vehicles of different sizes to meet a client’s every need. Whether you need a document or small package delivered to another office, a large window shipped out to a client or your furniture relocated to your new home we have the vehicle for you.

The Peugeot Boxer

The biggest in our fleet, the white Boxer is used for moving taller objects such as construction materials, pallets of stock or furniture. It’s also perfect for house or office moves and for deliveries of large furniture. Unlike some other vehicles, the van has straight rather than curved sides maximising the storage space inside. 

The Vauxhall Vivaro “Twins”

We have two Vauxhall Vivaro vans, one in grey and one in white. These are smaller in size than the Luton but still have plenty of storage space. The twins are commonly used for stock deliveries, smaller construction materials, furniture delivery and for transporting exhibition stand equipment. They also work well for small removals such as for a flat or small house.

Nissan Juke Car

The “Juke” is small but mighty. It’s great for those urgent jobs when you need to get something smaller moved quickly, whether that’s legal documents, a small parcel or a packet that is needed asap. If you need it right away and don’t want to wait, the Juke will come to your rescue.

Need to book a collection/delivery but not sure which vehicle you need? – Give us a call on 01386 244452 and we’ll recommend the vehicle that’s right for you.


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