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20 Packing Tips To Make Your House Move Easier

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Are you planning to move house soon? It can be incredibly stressful, with so much to think about and do. You might even be wondering where you should start.

We’ve rounded up some of our best tips and ideas which will help make moving house quicker and easier. Check out our list below.

20 Hacks For Packing Up Your Home

Before You Pack

  1. Get good quality materials – double walled boxes, strong packing tape and packing paper. The last thing you want is to pack a box and have it collapse whilst you are moving so make sure you get good quality packing supplies. Check out your local supermarket for great boxes.
  2. Wine boxes with dividers are great for safely moving glassware and mugs – check out your local wine merchants where you can get these for free
  3. Declutter before you move – don’t move your clutter from one house to another. Go through all your things, get rid of your clutter and make sure everything has a home before you start packing.
  4. Defrost, Clean and dry your fridge and freezer before you move to avoid leaks whilst moving and also so its nice and clean ready to be filled when you arrive at your new home.

Start Packing

  1. Don’t overfill your boxes – you should fill the box to the top so as not to waste space but don’t overfill it. Fill any gaps with small items, cushions, shoes, a jumper etc.
  2. Put heavy items in small boxes so they aren’t too heavy to carry or alternatively use rolling suitcases.
  3. Label boxes or use different colours of tape to categorise packed boxes by room based on where it’s going. This way your removals team will know what goes where on arrival. You could also go round tagging different rooms with the tape or use a key to make things a bit clearer (e.g bedroom 1, bedroom 2).
  4. Stack plates vertically to reduce the chances of breakages and use packaging paper or newspaper to protect your crockery from chips.
  5. Fill boxes of breakables with pillows, towels, throws and other soft items to protect your items.
  6. Wrap your cutlery tray with cling film, that way you won’t have to unpack it or worry about things moving from their place. You’ll just need to unwrap and place it in the drawer.
  7. Pack a ‘priorities box’ and place in it all the things you’ll need as soon as you arrive at your new home – kettle, mugs, tea / coffee / milk etc,snacks, toilet roll, black bags etc. Make sure this goes into the removals van last or keep it with you in your car when you move so you can easily access it on arrival
  8. Keep your tool box handy for reassembling furniture – the last thing you want is to be searching amongst boxes for a screwdriver so you can put your bed together
  9. When disassembling furniture, put the screws and nails in small ziplock bags and then tape to furniture ready for assembling when you arrive.
  10. Moving open bottles and containers? Tape and bag them or cover them in cling film to prevent leaks.
  11. Set up and make your bed when you arrive – you’ll be exhausted by the end of the day and won’t want to fuss with making the bed at night time.
  12. Have a ‘first night’ box with everything you need for your first night – curtains, bedding, towels, shower curtain, toiletries, chargers/extension leads – and leave it somewhere safe.
  13. Leave your clothes in their drawers when you move. The drawers and dresser can be moved separately to the van and set up when you arrive at your new home.
  14. Make a small hole in a bin bag and pop over the top of several of your coat hangers to protect your hanging clothes in transit. This way you can just hang them up in your new house once your hanging storage is ready
  15. Label all of your cords so you know what goes where and with which appliance
  16. Tape your media remotes to your tv, dvd and satellite/cable boxes then you won’t have to go hunting for them when you need them.

We hope you find these tips helpful and if you are planning a move and need a removal service, please give us a call on 01386 244452 for a free no obligation quote.


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